Welcome you to the Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee






Welcome Address

Four years ago, when NAPAC embarked on this noble journey, to building a sustainable and formidable institution for our communities across the continental USA,where all Nigerian Americans and their allies can come together to speak with one voice, despite our known differences, I gave a welcome speech on this website. The intention then was and still is, to evoke the spirit of collective responsibility (notwithstanding the differences in our ethnic or religious backgrounds, political and professional affiliations, and/or geographical abodes – i.e. from California to New York) as to why we must build this institution.

The Journey So Far

While recuperating from the energy-sapping session to elect Marcy Winograd of Santa Monica, CA., a group of well-meaning Nigerians who congregated at Mrs. Lara Okunubi’s pristine residence in a suburb of Los Angeles, contemplated the fact that if they could mobilize a collective effort for Marcy’s election campaign, and even raised a decent amount of about $6000, they could do the same for a viable advocacy entity - a political and social welfare think tank where the intellectual and numerical assets of Nigerians and Nigerian-Americans could be harnessed to invigorate our active participation in American political and civic life.